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As a global Contract Research Organization Laboratory (CRO) to the biopharmaceutical industry, CellCarta provides access to a broad offering of biomarker platforms and services. We partner with you to address the most complex laboratory testing needs, delivering customized biomarker testing solutions to further the limitless potential of precision medicine.

Partners in laboratory testing

Advancing your biomarker strategies and solving complex bioanalytical challenges calls for a partner with experienced scientists that have a proven track record of success. CellCarta provides high-end scientific capabilities, multiple platforms, and regulatory expertise to support all phases of therapeutic development—from discovery to clinical testing. Trust in our services for clinical studies and assays in oncology,   immunology,   infectious diseases,  neurosciences  and more.

Partners in advancing biomarker strategies

From flow cytometry  to genomics,  histopathology,  mass spectrometry  and beyond, our deep expertise and scientific excellence across platforms has enabled our pharmaceutical and biotech partners to advance their programs quickly and confidently. With extensive quality control processes, expertise in phase II PMA studies, CAP accreditations and CLIA certifications, we provide quality our partners can count on.

Partners in scientific excellence

Our quest is to further the vast, limitless potential of personalized medicine.

Mapping Precision Medicine

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Partners in data analytics & AI

Our team of experienced bioinformatic specialists with a broad expertise in data analysis, data visualization and biostatistical analysis ensures trustworthy results in an easy-to-interpret, customizable format for our clients. Our proprietary computational tools include CellEngineTM, a cloud-based cytometry analysis software for faster analysis and easy collaboration. We also offer AI-driven solutions to generate meaningful and reliable results from large histopathology datasets.

Our sample management and logistics solutions are second to none. Direct shipment from clinical sites to reference labs, real-time monitoring, and expertise in import and export regulations ensures our partners’ samples are handled with the utmost care across the globe. With expertise in complex studies and specialty samples, our capabilities also include customized sample collection kits and safe storage services.

Partners in trusted sample handling

Partners across the globe

With 11 facilities in five countries across four continents, we’re proud to have global presence while offering local expertise. Our specialized precision medicine laboratory services are available in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


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